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Welcome to the game – simulator of Bitcoin mining!

Plunge into the exciting world of pioneer miners, who supported the existence of the crypto-currency at its dawn and received the reward for it.

After the registration, you get into the server room, where four ASIC are situated – these are the systems developed for the Bitcoin mining specifically. Every machine has a switch on/off button. To start receiving income, all blocks must be switched on. Every block mines a certain amount of Sathoshi per hour. The maximum amount the system can cumulate is limited, so you have to visit a server room repeatedly and take money that is automatically sent to your inner account. This can be done by clicking on the system unit and afterwards on the button “Collect earnings”.

Your ASIC-systems can be improved by more powerful equipment – processors, motherboards, additional memory, mass storages, power adapters, and updated software. The productivity of the maximally improved systems increases tenfold, and you will just feel the money runs into your pocket.

It is very exciting to be engaged in the virtual mining. For the Bitcoin industry newcomers this is a great possibility to dive into the crypto-currency world atmosphere, feel the agitation of the first adepts of virtual money, who improved their hardware to increase the power of cryptographic computation. Experienced miners will be able to recollect the past events and feel the nostalgia for the sleepless nights.

And of course, one is able to earn real money here. The funds from the inner game account can be withdrawn to your Bitcoin wallet. Minimal withdrawal sum is 10 thousand Satoshi.

In addition, one should remember about the powerful referral system. Its profitability is 10% from the earnings of those who you have attracted to the game. So invite your friends, acquaintances, and simply good people become a real Bitcoin miner.